Sunday, March 11, 2007

About this blog

My birthday was celebrated with friends old and new at Leeuwin, Margaret River. Long lunch was at the Watershed and then onto Leeuwin Winery for the evening concert. My birthday gift to myself was to set up a blog to share my passion for food and the enjoyment of cooking food for others.

To make the site appealing to a wider audience my husband time permitting will add his book and movie reviews. My husband sees a movie a week on a Tuesday night ususally at a Independent cinema in the inner city . You may have seen him. He generally goes with a couple of mates otherwise alone while I do homework supervision with the children. He is also one of those fortunate people who has several novels on the go. Generally the novels are non-fiction. He has submitted book reviews to Good Reading Magazine. There was no financial gain so instead they will now appear on my blog

My philosophy in cooking is anything that can give pleasure to others must be shared and not guarded in secrecy.

One hears too often when asking if you can have the recipe, it is a family secret and cannot be disclosed. If the recipe is given, an ingredient maybe missing or a quantity is incorrect. We must remember that the family secret will die with the keeper of that recipe. Further generations within the family and friends will not have the pleasure of enjoying that recipe.

My children do say the recipe for brussel sprouts can be lost. I don't mind the odd brussel sprout or two with a roast dinner. Brussel sprouts were an affordable vegetable when living in Notting Hill, London in the early eighties. I would happily never to eat tripe again. My childhood memories are having tripe stew/casserole every Saturday night for dinner after having played netball in the rain. One of my sisters cherished every mouthful of tripe with delight.

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